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Dedicated to the the study of the Seckerson surname and variants

Welcome to the Seckerson website

This website is dedicated to a one-name study for the surname Seckerson and variants, i.e. Seckerson, Sackerson. Sickerson, Secherson, Sekerson, Seckerston etc.

These pages will be continuously update, so please keep returning.

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How it all started

My mother Irene was a Seckerson, who like many, hailed from the Potteries in Staffordshire, England. When I started looking into the family tree in the early eighties I realised that as Seckerson was quite an uncommon name, I found it was easier to collate information about all Seckersons rather than just my own family line.

After some time I decided to produce a One Name Study of the surname as I felt sure that some of the lines will merge the further I go back in time. I also wanted to try and trace the origins of the surname.

There is a common belief that the surname originates from Scandinavia, however, I have yet to find any evidence for this. Although there is a Sackerson variant that comes from Sweden, the majority of the US based and all of the UK based Seckersons and Sackersons are not descended from this area. I believe I have found evidence as to how the name came about which I will publish on this site soon.

I have been researching the surname Seckerson and its many variants for over 30 years. I would love to hear from any other Seckersons or researchers looking into the name.

Please feel free to contact me if you can add to or would like to correct any of the information on these pages.

As this website develops I will put more historic information online. However, copyright issues will probably prevent me from putting all of the vast amount of data that I have accumulated online.

I am happy to share any information with genuine family history researchers. [email protected]

We have a strict privacy policy and we will not divulge information about living persons which is not already in the public domain.

Irene Jay nee Seckerson
1921 – 2007

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